Justice league is a fun ride from start to finish and DC fans will not be disappointed! No the movie is no masterpiece and certainly has its flaws but due to the proper introductions of some new characters (looking at you BVS) and the chemistry that the team displays, this one is a step forward in a positive direction for the DCEU.

Ben Afflecks Batman is the team leader for most of the movie and even makes jokes and smiles, unfortunately it does seem that Ben Affleck doesn’t want to play the role for much longer and its even alluded to in a line from the film. Gal Gadots Wonder Woman is just that wonderful, and she commands the role with grace and fierceness. Now to the rookies, Ezra Millers Flash is the standout of the film. His take as a young and very naïve Barry Allen leads to a very comedic and light hearted portrayal and batman and him have a great mentor/mentee relationship that will bring up robin similarities. Ray Fischer plays a very conflicted Cyborg that is more machine than human and struggles with his fathers actions and his newfound identity. Jason Momoas Aquaman is a loner with a wild and reckless side that makes you just love him (He also has the best joke in the movie). The villain Steppenwolf is created by motion capture and voiced by Ciaran Hinds in a typical mediocre superhero villain movie role. Albeit very powerful (capable of beating the league single-handedly until a certain someone shows up) he doesn’t have enough development in the movie so we never truly know what his intentions are or what he is looking to accomplish.

**spoilers ahead**

The movies worse kept secret is of course Superman, and man does he deliver in this one. Fans will be happy to know that this film gives us all the superman we know and love from the comics and its about damn time if you ask me. Arguably the best scene in the entire movie is his resurrection scene in which he returns confused and fights the entire league. He joins the league in the final fight and he gives them that much needed edge to defeat Steppenwolf.

**spoilers end**

The plot is pretty straight forward and moves at a fast pace that makes the movie feel a bit rushed by the time you get to the climax. The split directorial duties split by Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon can be noticed at times, the visuals looks like a Snyder movie but it feels and plays like a Whedon one. My biggest complaints are that the run-time could’ve been a bit longer to further develop the new characters, the pace of the film seems off at times, and the action (while great) did not have many memorable standout moments. **make sure you also stick around for not one but two post credit scenes, the first is comedic but the second is very intriguing and foreshadows what the future might hold. All in all, this one is positive for the DC cinematic universe and just like that “S” on Supermans chest, there’s hope for the future.

From one DC fan to another you will love this movie for the characters and the team chemistry. Though the movie has its flaws, its characters carry the film with a lot of heart and its definitely an experience that fans and the general audience wont want to miss. It’s been a long time coming but we finally have our justice league on the big screen.

Final Score

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  1. This *well-written review gave some great insight into a movie which has been hyped by DC fas for quite some time. I’m eager to see this release, but the little tidbits you offer throughout the review are sure to hold me up over until the blu-ray release. I’m no expert, but have been writing school essays for months—so, *my only suggestion would be to work on the grammar a little. Also, the spoiler alert should be bolded in all caps and should be placed above the paragraph (almost like a header) which reveals specific movie information to warn readers with enough time to look away. All in all, this was a nice read and I look forward to future reviews!

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