Father Figures is a movie about two fraternal twins Kyle and Peter Reynolds (Owen Wilson and Ed Helms), who find out from their eccentric mother (Glenn Close), that their deceased father really wasn’t their father. The brothers then embark on a road trip in search of their real father, where they meet all kinds of interesting characters.

Kyle and Peter are two completely different brothers, Kyle is the immature and naive brother and Peter is the depressed doctor who is struggling with his divorce and raising his son. They haven’t seen each other in years but when they find out that their so called deceased dad isn’t truly their father they both jump in a car in search for him.

Wilson and Helms play their roles perfectly, but the movie really shines when it comes to the supporting characters. Teddy Bridgewater and Ving Rhames are retired NFL players, J. K. Simmons is a retired wall street accountant who is now a thief, Katt Williams is a hitchhiker that they pick up on the way, and Christopher Walken plays an estranged veterinarian. Most of the laugh out loud moments in the movie is provided by these characters talking about Kyle and Peter’s mom.

The movie has pacing issues and drags during the middle act, but it’s not a bad movie. It’s not as hilarious as the trailers make it seem to be but it is still a funny movie and the dramatic elements work.


Father Figures struggles with pacing issues and is not as comedic as it should be given the cast. However, it’s still a decent movie with great supporting roles and awkward situations.

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