Father Figures is a movie about two fraternal twins Kyle and Peter Reynolds (Owen Wilson and Ed Helms), who find out from their eccentric mother (Glenn Close), that their deceased father really wasn’t their father. The brothers then embark on a road trip in search of their real father, where they meet all kinds of interesting characters. Kyle and Peter are two completely different brothers, Kyle is the immature and naive brother and Peter is the depressed doctor who is struggling with his divorce and raising his son. They haven’t seen each other in years but when they find out that their so called deceasedRead More →

Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle is a fresh, updated take on the Robin Williams classic that delivers big laughs and thrills. The movies A-list cast of Dwyane Johnson, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillan, and Jack Black carry this film on their backs and for the most part succeed. Not every joke hits but the ones that do get big laughs, and the action sequences are pulse poundingly entertaining. The movie starts with a teenager named Alex discovering the classic board game washed up on a beach in 1996. Alex would rather play his video game console than an old board game so Jumanji takes note andRead More →

Things are not going to go the way you think, this movie will not be what you expect from a star wars movie and that’s okay. If you’ve seen any of the trailers and think that you know the plot you will be wrong. The Last Jedi listens to fan complaints from its predecessor and is not an empire strikes back clone, instead director Rian Johnson takes full control and makes a movie that is tense, thrilling and surprisingly humorous. The film starts where The Force Awakens ends, with Rey (Daisey Ridley) having found Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) hoping to convince him to return andRead More →

Justice league is a fun ride from start to finish and DC fans will not be disappointed! No the movie is no masterpiece and certainly has its flaws but due to the proper introductions of some new characters (looking at you BVS) and the chemistry that the team displays, this one is a step forward in a positive direction for the DCEU. Ben Afflecks Batman is the team leader for most of the movie and even makes jokes and smiles, unfortunately it does seem that Ben Affleck doesn’t want to play the role for much longer and its even alluded to in a line fromRead More →